Terms and Conditions

The below information explains the terms and conditions on which we will work together:

Privacy & Confidentiality

Calm and Collected Spaces operates as a professional business and information relating to you and work undertaken for you will be treated confidentially and in compliance with all legal requirements. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional information on how your personal information will be used.   

Provided Service(s)

Your requirements will be discussed in detail during your free consultation, prior to the commencement of any work.  A brief summary of the work or services to be undertaken will be provided in writing for your review and acceptance prior to the work commencing.

If relevant, costs for any storage systems (for example boxes) or other materials purchased on your behalf by Calm and Collected Spaces will be included on your invoice.  

Calm and Collected Spaces may propose the use of other suppliers to fulfil your requirements.  Any proposals are provided in good faith, following research to determine that the supplier is fit-for-purpose, to the best of Calm and Collected Spaces’ knowledge.  Calm and Collected Spaces does not accept liability for other suppliers work or services, nor any loss or damage caused by them, their employees or agents.  Charges for other suppliers work will be invoiced separately by them directly to you and payment will need to be made directly by you to the supplier.  

Safety and Duty of Care

Calm and Collected Spaces must be informed at the earliest opportunity of any situations that may put them at risk while working in your premises.  For example, if there are any people in the premises that are unwell (particularly if the condition may be infectious) or, if there is no power, running water, toilet facilities or any structural issues with the property.  Calm and Collected Spaces will make their work locations and schedule known to a person of their choice, for reasons of personal safety.  

Hours of Work

Calm and Collected Spaces operates standard business hours of Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (excluding bank holidays).  Work outside of these times may be arranged, subject to availability, and may be charged at a different (agreed) rate.  The invoicing period will start upon arrival at your premises and will finish upon departure from your premises.  Following your consultation,  estimates may be provided on the time needed to fulfil your requirements however,  the work may take more or less time than initially estimated.  If further sessions are required to complete your requirements, this will be charged accordingly, should you wish to make an additional booking.  Minimum 3 hour booking.  

Breaks & Refreshments

Short breaks may be taken during a session to ensure our productivity remains high.  You are not required to provide any refreshments.  

Travel & Parking

Travel time to and from your premises is included in our fee, up to approximately 20 miles each way.  Distances for travel will be assessed using Google Maps, or an equivalent direction service and you will be notified in advance if any additional mileage charges will be applicable.  

Available parking facilities will be discussed during your consultation and if free parking is not available, any parking charges will be invoiced to you (receipts for the charges will be provided).  If other travel costs are incurred as a result of our work together (such as toll fees), receipts for the cost will be provided and you will be invoiced accordingly. 


Work will be charged at the rate of £30 per hour, unless an alternative price/ rate has been agreed.  Part-hours will be charged in 30 minute blocks.  For example, if our work starts at 1pm and concludes at 4.20pm, you will be charged until 4.30pm.  Invoices will be submitted to you via email (or post if no email is available) upon completion of work and payment will be due upon receipt.  Payment can be made by Bank Transfer or by cheque, if preferred.  Cheques should be made payable to Emma Slack.  For electronic payments, please use the invoice number as your reference and use the account details provided on the invoice.  

Disposal of Waste / Donations to Charities

Calm and Collected Spaces does not hold a commercial waste licence but can arrange for companies that do, to dispose of waste, should that service be required (additional costs will apply).  

Calm and Collected Spaces can facilitate the drop-off of items you wish to donate to charities, on your behalf.  This is limited to the amount of items that can safely fit in the boot of their vehicle on the service day.  If additional trips are required, additional charges may apply.  

Use of Photos / Testimonials

Your consent will be sought in reference to the use of before and after photos or testimonials on Calm and Collected Spaces’ website or social media accounts.  Any images or testimonials used will be depersonalised and not identifiable to you.


We understand that sometimes plans need to change and will always try to accommodate requested changes to bookings.  In the event that you need to cancel your session with less than 48 hours notice, and the session cannot be assigned to another customer, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.  For example, if you have booked a 3 hour session at a rate of £30 per hour and cancel with less than 48 hours notice, a £45 cancellation charge will apply.  In the event that Calm and Collected Spaces needs to cancel a session, every effort will be made to find an another Professional Organiser to assist you.  


Calm and Collected Spaces holds Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance up to £1,000.000.  Great care will be taken while handling your possessions however in the event of a breakage or damage, this will need to be covered by your own insurance.  Any services arranged by Calm and Collected Spaces with other suppliers will be subject to that providers insurance.  A copy of Calm and Collected Spaces’ insurance certificate can be provided upon request.  


Calm and Collected Spaces aims to help and support you throughout our work together.  Any decision to donate or dispose of your possessions remains your responsibility and no liability for those decisions can be accepted by Calm and Collected Spaces.  Once items have left your possession it will not be possible to return them to you.  If Calm and Collected Spaces is engaged to work without supervision by you or your representatives, a summary of recommendations will be provided for your acceptance prior to the disposal/ removal of items.  This may be conducted by a telephone or video call.  

Your signature below indicates that you have read the above Terms and Conditions and that you accept them.  

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